100 poems


Siiri Konks





Hello, dear reader,

let us make friends!

You are my leader,

showing new trends.

And I have nothing

else here to do,

but write down poems

given by you.

Where is the border

between truth and lie?

There is no order

and art is shy.









Butterflies in winter

do not fly.

Frosen words in winter

simply die.

Magic love in winter

melts the ice.

Butterflies in winter

seem so nice.





She loved


She loved him yesterday

she cared about

She loved him day by day

not feeling doubt


She loves him more today

still cares about

She loves him every day

just with a little doubt


She`ll love tomorrow too

will care about

the memories of love

she had once, without doubt





Sleep deep, my darling,

sleep, my dear.

Sleep over troubles

over fear.

Sleep till the sun just meets the moon,

sleep till new morning begins soon.

Sleep till I sing this lullaby,

where life is beautiful to see.

And when you wake and don`t find me,

sing to your sun this lullaby.





Once I dreamed I was a flower

Once I dreamed you were a wave

Once a storm dropped me in water

Carry me your arms became


Once I dreamed I was a raindrop

Once I dreamed you were a cloud

Once a storm nice sunshine stopped and

out of your arms myself I found


Now I know I was a dreamer

Now I know you were realistic

Don`t expect you working wonders

sometimes you know I really miss it









The one and own


A spot of light plays on the wall,

a ray of sun - such golden, tall.

A spot of hope stays in the soul:

maybe he is my one and own?


Will he stand by in glad or sad?

Will he become a careful dad?

Will our love last hundred years

or will it die in thousand tears?


A ray of hope makes heart so light.

A man beloved will come tonight

with bunch of roses in his hand

to take us both to promised land.









He looked at her in autumn rain,

his eyes like stars were sparkling.

His look was beautiful and plain,

bit serious, bit laughing.


She stood there over bench in rain,

her hair in wind was waving.

She looked so diffident and pale,

her hand with scarf was playing.


He made a step, he took her hand,

he made one step more closer.

He came so close as she could stand

and made her bloom like flower.


Her hand was cold, but lips were warm,

her heart was hardly beating.

Her soul was wrapped in rising storm

of love - that splendid feeling.


And rain kept drizzling on and on,

her hair in wind kept waving.

Rain drizzled long, till they were gone,

from strangers` sight them saving.






Starlight truth


Warm moonlight eve

on quiet lake,

when you believe

that all can wait,

but not the words

you have to find,

whitch like white birds

should rise to sky.


Dark water deep

in starlight rays

your secret keeps

till end of days.

And then all truth

you had to find

lies in face smooth

of your young bride.










naked before the world

naked to all

dressing is down and burned

soul waits a call


true call with false echo

anything more?

far call from cloud-pillow


...star starts to fall...





Five seasons


autumn storm behind the rainbow

autumn storm behind the sea

autumn storm behind the window

autumn storm behind you - me


winter cold behind the doorstep

winter cold behind the home

winter cold behind the footsteps

winter cold behind our souls


springtime light behind the snowball

springtime light behind each while

springtime light behind the stonewall

springtime light behind your smile


sommer warmth behind the sunshine

sommer warmth behind green plants

sommer warmth behind the birdflight

sommer warmth behind our hearts


happiness behind the hollow

happiness behind home-way

happiness behind the willow

happiness behind each day










Secret word


Say it once more,

do not keep to yourself!

Let me fly out of door,

like a bird out of nest.


Words give me wings,

which can carry me far.

Whatever life brings -

do not fear it is hard.


Say it twice more

and I hear it double.

Whisper or squall

away every trouble!














That`s love


I feel sunshine,

I hear wind warm,

I touch the sky,

I`m like new-born!


No matter why,

no matter when,

I`d like to cry

and laugh again!


It`s in the air,

it`s on the earth,

in any tear

of big new-birth.


It`s in my thought,

but all can see.

It`s never caught,

it`s always free.






Oh Jesus, I`m so honey!

Oh Jesus, I`m so sweet!

God bless, I need no money,

I need my love to meet.


Oh, damn, I can`t continue!

Oh, damn, I can`t believe you!

This ought to be my secret…

God bless, and l will keep it.



In blue


I match you

I catch you

I kiss you

I miss you

I look for

I cook for

I dress

and I guess

I marry

like fairy

in blue

only you






Sun is shining, birds sing blues,

rain just stopped, rainbow is huge.

Seven colours hang in sky,

urging opened hearts to fly.


Air is fresh and wind blows swing.

Summer, summer is the king!

You shut your eyes in holy dream

and slowly see me, I`m your queen.










I like


I like to cry

I like to laugh

I like to feel with one and half


My way is long

My way is high

It`s full of secrets, who knows why


I love my man

I love my son

I love all things I`ve not yet done



To you and away


To you and away

in horror or gay

I claim in all faith

without any choice


With you and without

in firmness or doubt

I look for myself

I hide from myself





Solanum dulcamara


Solanum dulcamara,

warm wind and sandy coast.

Your old Lada Samara

in place, where Wild is host.


Small blossom lilac - yellow -

the gift of God above,

the gift of one young fellow

since years ago in love.


The gift of man in fifties,

still standing close in mind.

The gift of Holy Spirit -

from Heaven you sent sign.





Winter hope


Flying over Nordic valleys

winter`s dark night spreads its wing.

Man who sunlight in soul carries,

onto my face a smile will bring.


Over hidden expectations

anxious trouble rises head.

Hope mixed up with desperation

waits your sunlight to be spread.


Frosen heart keeps frosen feelings,

blinking star can`t heat all earth.

Eyes so sparkling with your greetings

thousand million crowns are worth.





You had your projects,

I had mine.


You had your objects,

I had mine.


You had your feelings,

I had mine.


You had your dreamings,

I had mine.


You had your culture,

I had mine.


You had your future,

I had mine.


You had my children,

I had yours.


You had my duties,

I had yours.


You had my life and I had yours.


Who knows, whose memory it was?




Lost husband


My wife is like wind,

which blows silently far.

But her widely-spread wing

touches me sometimes hard.


Her soul is like puzzle,

her body is dream...

High mysterious castle

hides secrets for me.


Gold, jewels or silver...

What best is - can`t see.

To open all treasures

help me find the key!









Just a mistake -

you forgot me to take!

Forgot even to say

while going away!?

A simple mistake

such a rapid break.

Am I awake?



Life lessons


You`ve taught me love

You`ve taught me hate

You`ve taught me not to hesitate


I`ve taught you good

I`ve taught you bad

I`ve taught you happiness and sad


You`ve learned my body and my soul

You`ve learned my thoughts by one and whole

I`ve learned your footsteps coming far

I`ve learned the signal of your car


I`ve learned your coming–going games

I`ve never asked addresses, names

You`ve taught me waiting nights and days

You`ve taught me looking other ways


You`ve learned, I`m not only for you

I`ve learned, you never can be true





Good-morning, snow-flake,

first time this year!

I `m nearly awake

with news to share.

This winter will find us

together again.

Snow-drifts will blind us -

snow-flake and snowman.








If you choose terror

or make yourself martyr,

I answer with error,

please, find better partner.


Who is responsible

for  cruel selfishness?

I am invincible

In case of terrorism.


Unpleasant circumstance

turned to iniquity.

Don`t wait my condolence

and spoil my dignity.





False love


This can`t be you,

you won`t do that!

All my dreams blue

spoiled one black cat.


Your words do hurt,

your touch makes pain.

Fun turned to dirt -

who can explain?


My dreams of you

in love had turned.

Dreams can`t be true,

now I have learned.





Seldom same we have the feelings.

Seldom we breathe one in one.

Seldom thoughts find the same meanings.

Seldom peace has overcome.


Often storm starts in a tea-pot.

Often word flies quicker thought.

Often problems end without dot.

Often past has nothing taught.


Always healing wound leaves big scar.

Always spot stays dark on soul.

Always charity moves too far.

Always anger starts to grow.


Never one of two is guilty.

Never one can things repair.

Never we shall know if will they

ever call eachother dear.



To believe or not?


Darling, show me happy face!

Sorry for unpleasant case!

Pardon for not given kiss,

forgive things you often miss!


Sweetheart, let`s live hand in hand,

let`s build our fairyland.

Forget troubles, forget pain...

See, my dear, this man has changed!





Look ahead,

I`m not asleep

and not yet dead!

So you should keep

insults in mind,

but not perform

here rough and wild!

And after storm

look back in rage -

for angels heaven,

for beast cage.






Fireflame plays on your face

and colours eyes so mystic.

Sitting at the fireplace

no-one can stay realistic.


Every whisper, silent sound

will turn to be bewitching.

Tired souls here place have found,

from troubles overswitching.


Looking for your face I see

all over sparks are flying...

After this night I won`t agree

that our love is dying.




Far and close


Stranger`s steps

come close.

Stranger`s lips

come close.

Stranger`s hips

come close.

Decisive nick

comes close.

I am sick

of oaths.

God help

us both!


It`s over


Sommer is almost gone,

apple-tree carries fruit.

Your plans are also done,

suitcase contains your suit.


No-one will cry in mind.

Whole long life waits ahead.

Silence contains no sign,

all empty words are said.






Excuse me, dear,

I have to leave.

I tried to care

and to believe...


Forbidden flirt

ends never nice.

Someone gets hurt,

another twice.


All stories don`t

make fairy-tales.

You`ll like or won`t,

but this has failed.


Farewell, my dear!

I`m on my way.

One single tear -

no more to say.






I`m away

on my way

and don`t pray,

I won`t stay

on your way

any day.

Love is play,

as you say.

Golden ray

shows me way

far away.






you and me

glad to see

two in one

deal is done


you and me

sad to see

one is gone

one is none







Burning burning fireflame

Turning turning living-game

Crying crying loud a name

Trying trying not to blame

Silence silence slowly came

What a shame

What a shame

What a shame





After all


Silence falling through my fingers,

carrying loneliness in arms.

Sirens - mystic, secret singers -

start their concert somewhere far.


Misty eve hides far lost shadows

of two people hand in hand

longing down by blossom-meadows...

Now it seems like wonderland.


Storms have passed and, mess is over,

soft deep silence covers all.

Feelings start and end in nowhere,

piece of luck remains, so small.










Remember, I was dressed in white

when we got rings and roses.

Remember, it was glorious sight

when we got home so cosy.

Remember our son`s first smile

and his first steps in entrance.

Remember our summers fine

and holidays in winter.

Remember us in love and hate

on business-days and sundays.

Remember our life and wait -

half `s gone, but half ahead stays.


















Up and down


One moment tears,

another laugh.

Suspicious fears

are only half

of feelings scale

I hide inside...

And if they fail,

heart opened wide

I laugh again

and love and dance

in sun and rain.

This is my chance!







Who is stranger, who is own?

People passing, all unknown.

Faces, faces, eyes so sharp,

moving  in the light and dark.

Where they come from, where they go?

Want to call them, want to know!

Figures, images and souls,

hundred ways to hundred homes.

Thousand thoughts and thousand cries

seen in quickly passing eyes.

Million feelings, sad or gay,

on their neverlasting way.

Want to catch them,stay mainstream!

Is it obvious or dream?

Who is stranger, who is own?

Feeling that I`m all alone…







Diamonds and tears


Short way up to the top,

long way back downstairs.

Things upside-down sometimes drop,

who, damn, cares!


Clouds cut view from the top.

Fog cuts view downstairs.

Climbing and climbing nonstop,

covers on eyes and ears.


Long way up to the top,

short way back downstairs.

Things upside-down sometimes drop -

diamonds and tears.





Too young


Too young for full freedom,

too old to be slave,

one tries to win kingdom,

but finds only blame.


Too young to forget it,

too old to make dreams,

one lives with regret in

one`s heart, as it seems.


Too stupid for forecast,

too skilled for denial...

Future turns soon to past,

survival is trial.







Early morning silently

we leave

moving briskly quietly

till eve

having once priority

to be

out of sight and totally

all free




Tail tale


I want to tell you fairy-tale

about a fairy with a tail.

She left her tiny sand–made house

and went to ball with Mickey–Mouse.

She danced with all, she talked to most,

she had champagne with Holy Ghost.

It was a jolly, happy ball

With Humpty-Dumpty on the wall

and Alice, looking all around

for her white rabbit to be found.

There`s little Mermaid in the dance

with Quasimodo from old France.

Dressed beautifully, little witch

was playing cards with Nordic prince.

And later on, when midnight came,

they blandly looked at moonlight flame.

Then Cinderella lost her shoe …

And, darling, please, believe, it`s true –

when fairy rose up towards the sun,

her ugly tail was simply gone.


Next time I`ll tell you fairy-tale

about a fairy without tail.




Look back


Take some time

to feel your feelings,

only a while

for deeper dreamings.

Stop and look

inside more clever,

read the book,

that`s written never.

Find the light,

that shows you way,

do what`s right

just anyway.




Autumn colours


Colours in heaven

and colours in mud,

rainbow`s all seven

arcs start from my yard.


Snowflakes from silver

and raindrops from glass,

frosen astilbe

with acorns in grass.


Autumn in heaven

and autumn in mud,

rainbow`s all seven

arcs end in my heart.




Some other


If I were clever and nice and polite,

if I could work hard from morning till night,

if I had children, some five, six or seven,

if my hard words were just simply forgiven,

if I were talented, healthy and brave....

Then I would have knowledge all lost world to save,

then you would like me and carry on hands,

then I would be famous in different lands,

then I`d have some company high to belong...

Then I`d be  some other, not me with my songs.











What if


What if I lived the way I like?

What if I did the things I want?

What if I stopped with mind to fight?

What if I learned to say: I can`t!?

Would any notice, would some care?

Would day be longer, shorter night?

Would I hear words I like to hear?

Would I feel pleasure and delight?

Or shall I meet envious glance,

suspicious intrigues and blame

of people who can`t win their frights?

And who of that must be ashamed?










To my virtual friend


I tried to be honest,

I tried to be cool.

In spite of all faces

I`m not only fool.

All virtual figures

have natural souls,

not always happy

and mainly alone.

See, you are busy,

have plenty of work,

don`t want any losers

to spoil and disturb.

Perhaps time is money

from 8 - 16,

still there are evenings

and midnights all free.

Don`t want to contact me -

be honest and say!

Let`s shut the computers,

life is a fair-play.












Technoman`s technoworld

lives technolife.

Computers and mechanisms

work over night.

Cablesnake`s contactmouth

switched on all right

waits for its victim

to suddenly bite.

Monitor`s monsterface

shines nasty bright,

covering walls and floor

with lilac light.

Technoman long ago

has lost his wife -

non-technic creatures are

all out of sight.









To save or not to save -

that`s the question.

Whether it`s nobler

in the file to keep all

the songs and poems of

outrageous brainstorm

or to raise arms against

the damn computer?

To write, to read - no more -

that`s the question.







Buy it, buy it, buy at once,

It`s your last and only chance!

It is cheap and nice and best,

known in Europe, known in West!

Use your card or cash to pay,

you`ll have nothing bad to say!


Open it and switch it on,

all your jobs are quickly done!

Show your husband, call your wife,

turn to left and turn to right –

say, you haven`t seen before

such a thing and buy some more!









To superman  &


Live long.

Love strong.

Dream big.

Sleep deep.

Stop cry.

Don`t lie.

Keep cool.

Catch rule.

Speed up.

Don`t stop.





&  to you


Find light.

Don`t fight.

Praise fun.

Touch sun.

Move far.

Catch star.

Hear heart.

Grow thought.

Like life.

Love wife.








We manage


Hare into forest, frog into pond,

clerk into office, money to fund,

babies to nursery, children to school...

Each has his golden aim, where to move.


Shopping for woman, beer-club for man -

society wrapped into general plan.

Money in pocket, honey in dream...

Welcome, mr. Proper! Good-bye, mr. Bean!








Meadows and hollows


Meadows and hollows

covered in white.

Oak-trees and willows

all wrapped in tight.

Snow-drifts like pillows

dazzling my sight.

Watching young fellows

going to fight -

uniforms black-and-yellows,

guns shining bright.


Meadows and hollows

covered in red.

Waiting young fellows -

half of them dead.















Old man knows


Old man knows what future brings -

old people know important things.

Old man hasn`t much to say -

what has to come, comes anyway.

Years give him force to bear the truth

which would break down most healthy youths.


Old man knows what future brings.

He has no skill to change the things.

He has no bill to change the things.

He has no will to change the things.








Easy to say,

hard to believe.

Not honest to pray

if nothing to steal.

All different away -

what glorious deal!

To start a new day

for licence appeal.




One, two, three


One, two, three chimney-smokes

in winter night.

One, two, three small windows

cleaned up and bright.

One, two, three apple-trees

covered with snow.

One, two, three old women

ready to go.

One hundred parents` graves,

centuries old.

One hundred stories that

grandmother told.

One, two, three free hours

and off  we go.

One, two, three millions and

Europe, hallo!







Proud little world


Proud man with red car

in life used to win.

Proud wife with red bra

at home calls him king.

At work he is boss,

fine signatures writes.

Lost purse isn`t loss

and pet hound-dog bites.

Proud man without car

can`t go over street.

Proud man without bar

finds nothing to eat.

So proudly he lives

in his proud little world,

sometimes interviews gives

and never gets hurt.



Today is your birthday from

morning till night.

You have to be beautiful,

charming and bright.

All good friends are lined up with

presents and cards,

they`re waiting with pleasure for

party to start.

Make-up is ready and

hair-cut is done,

new dress a bit narrow and

one shoe is gone.

Table is covered with

whisky and wine,

head-ache all passed and

now you may shine!

Dances and flowers and

kisses and boys,

souvenirs, vases, some

lipsticks and toys ...

Neighbours and relatives

(some never seen),

boss with companions and

classmates - whole team.

Music and speeches where

wish follows wish,

fine happy faces and

some broken dish.

Time passes quickly from

sunrise to moon ....

Don`t worry, darling, new

birthday comes soon!




Don`t Ever Do That Again!


Cake on table,

snacks and sweets,

drinks with labels,

ham and meat.

Candles burning,

music plays...

Time`s not turning -

minute stays

till your coming.

Party starts.

I am waiting

hour`s half,

then an hour,

then one more...

Like cold shower -

and what for?




Come and dance!


Hi, Philip, my fable affair!

No need for Christmas for you to appear.

Santa Claus visits me once a year,

you come at once, if you get aware.


If life is boring, I`m naughty or sad,

you come with your story, so shining and mad.

Madonna has Roses, Mike has Neverland -

I deserve also some glorious brand!


Hi, Philip, my fabulous clown,

stricktly protected and only my own.

Come and dance on the border of fairy and real!

Come and dance until losing all distressing fears.


Stars use to fall down and fairy-tales end -

you`ll stay my actual delighted friend.






Silky-silver morning hours,

pinky-violet garden flowers.

Coffee-cup my golden-black,

chocolate candies - favoured snack.

Pretty start for happy day time,

certain part of every new rhyme.

Misty-mystic poem-verses...

I`ll feel shy when you will read this.








Four months ago

in summertime

my life, you know,

was silent, nice:

husband, kitchen,

son and shop,

cottage where in

heat to drop.

Then over night

all turned so strange.

With great delight

I was engaged

to my new honey,

my new dear.

No, not for money,

but for care!

And now I don`t

know anything

about the chores

housekeeping brings.

I`m writing letters,

words in rhymes -

so much it matters

to my mind!

Summer passed

and winter came,

this is my best

favourite game!






Role - play


I am a sea in stormy waves

I am a lake, like mirror plain

I am a sun with thousand rays

I am a cloud of storm and rain


I am a girl with plaits of hair

I am a mother with all care

I am a woman - love to share

I am a poet, rough but fair





Devil`s fight

in polar night.

Nordic light -

red bloody sight.




First sun-ray

like angel`s pray

starts happy day.

Forever stay!




Eternal love,

my turtle-dove -

all above.

Thank you for love!









Sound of sorrow


Silence is music

and sorrow is pain.

How many tragic

things can soul contain?


Listen to silence

and pain passes by,

give your soul licence

to rest for a while.


Catch sound of sorrow

with heart opened wide,

see like in mirror

your life`s better side.







To the one who is in a hurry


Leave me one moment

to stay where I am.

Don`t want those false slogans:

Who moves, is a man!


Leave me an hour

to stand in the rain.

Don`t take my last power -

need not catch the train!


Leave just a minute

to turn back the time.

Your probable finish

can never be mine.







Tie up


Tied up with misunderstanding,

unsolved problems keep us as bandage.

Want of will has hardened spirit,

desperate grief has killed a lyric.

Lack of hope has closed the heart,

loss of a friend has turned world dark.






Zoom on future


Time is my destiny,

waiting is fate –

sometimes like misery,

otherwise light.


Expecting fun-licence,

fortune brings doom.

Not losing my patience,

I switch on the zoom.


Years in my labyrinth

pass one by one.

I shall start living since

work will be done.









You hated to come

and wanted to go.

You promised your son,

you made a good show.


You came with old lies

and roses in bag

for only a while

to play a good dad.


Performance was short

and acting seemed true,

child`s love cheaply bought -

what else could you do?







I feel, I have to make a song,

not very short, not very long...

I hide so many joys inside,

which look for ways to be spread wide!


And now I take your old guitar

and start like famous movie star.

But words and notes don`t come in mind.

I need a plan some other kind!


If I can`t sing a song and play,

I may use colours anyway

and paint a picture full of joy

to cheer up every girl and boy!





Your portrait


Some green, some grey,

some black and white...

One lovely eye

came pretty nice!

Another too

and pinky nose -

I wonder who

won`t cherish those!

Now I need red

for mouth and cheek...

Wize men have said

that art is deep.

Nice curly hair

and ears with rings...

Some do not care,

but I`ve got wings!








What is art, I`d like to know.

Wonder of sky - a nice rainbow?

My childrens` drawings lovely, fine?

Sculptures of stone-rocks huge and wild?

Fresh tracks of wild birds on the beach?

Old pairs of knit-gloves different each?

Glamour of fashion? Photo shows?

What isn`t art, I`d like to know!




With my son


Today we`ll have a little walk

down by the coast. And we shall talk.

This magic travel never ends

and you will find here thousand friends.

Here swans are swimming, there are geese!

Some ducks are flying, who are these?

A frog is jumping in the grass

and there`s a snake, we let him pass.

Look, Mum, I found a little nest!

Don`t touch it, dear, we are here guests.

Now let`s sit down, I need a rest.

See, insects running east and west

and butterflies on every plant!

I`d like to fly too, but I can`t ?!

How many stones and trees and sun!

Oh, Mum, this day has been such fun!














What a flight!

What a sight!

Night or day,


Do they know

where to go?

Why they cry?

Say good-bye?

Over seas

with the breeze

Milky Way

shows them way.

Wing is strong,

trip is long.

Who comes back

from this flock?

Who comes home -

no-one knows.




Swan song


White swans in angle flying by -

lost souls in heaven never die.

I light a candle in the snow -

each one must find his native home.


And I am waiting, waiting for

new flocks white birds with opened door.

And candles burning all around,

but sky is empty, not a sound.








Before this coat

lamb was alive.

To make the coat

he had to die.

In every coat

one suff`ring lies.

From every coat

a murder cries.






Before you start just think a bit -

is this the way that for you fits?


After start you have to go -

losers no-one wants to know!


Before finish race can`t stop -

two selections: win or drop.


After finish bravo! shout,

meanwhile all the corpses count.






Strange business

and foreign affairs,

better dismiss

than charges and fears.

Undefined story,

some grain of salt.

Not my duty

and not my fault.






How is one independent?

Depends one on his friend and

on children, cats and dogs,

on money, loans, some hogs,

on Christmas Eve and birthdays,

magnet storms and moon phase.

One way to not depend -

put to your life an end.




Bad Things


Disappointment makes me sad.

Desperatiom makes me mad.

Desolation turns me down.

Disavowal turns not proud.

Destination is not real.

Disarrangement is not fair.

Disapproval takes my might.

Disagreement takes all light.

Disadvantage makes me fight.

Disaffection looks for right.






Deep pression

makes depression.

Depression needs expression -

fine arts and music session

or some religious mission.

If you make love with passion,

your locked-up nordic nation

no more will cry in cushion.

Sic! - pills and psychosessions

forget like physics lessons!

This all is so old-fashioned.




Three enemies


Complexes, complexes

don`t let us live.

To get rid of complexes

all we could give.


Obsessions, obsessions

always in mind.

To kill fixed impressions

find weapon some kind.


Prejudice, prejudice

stands in the way.

Where are all judges

to push it away?






Break in


Gold fish promised him golden life,

golden life and golden wife.

Still he took his silver knife

and put an end to twaddler`s life.


He didn`t need that golden life,

neither life nor golden wife.

He needed only fish`s life -

to stop all breaks in fair life-fight.









Naked trees on naked land,

crying clouds - don`t understand

who took all colours, warmth and joy?

Who made us, people, feel like toys?

Who stole our feelings, cheer, delight?

Who pushed all beauty out of sight?







Window routine


People moving on and on -

third is coming, second gone.

Turning left and turning right,

stepping in and out of sight.

Most are gloomy, one seems glad.

(Perhaps promotion he has had?)

Some come solo, some in gang,

mums push children, boys use slang.

Dogs and cats, plenty of cars,

raindrops and sun, moonlight and stars.

Curtains up and curtains down,

One same vision, one same sound.







Candlelight in Christmastime,

year is passing like a while.

Presents under Christmastree,

children home from school and free.

Raindeer riding, church-bell rings,

closer New-Year`s Eve it brings.

Dwarfs are running night and day,

Santa Claus comes right away.

Some get candies small and big,

others bundles of birch-twigs.










Catch your luck and take a trip

to golden Eldorado.

Have drink or two and don`t get sick

of women and tobacco!


When time is up and empty purse,

become a desperado.

Remember - life is not more worth

than beetle of Colorado!






Under palm tree


Under palm tree life seems fun -

no need for money or for gun.

Coco-nuts drop one by one,

have a drink and day is done.


By the ocean, on warm beach

spend his life would like just each.

If you`re ready here to reach,

I with pleasure lazing teach.









Where is my home

here under dome?

Is it this flat

with bed and cat?

Or parents` farm

not very far?

Or cottage small

where I was born?

Or that new room

where I shall move?

Or copse of wood

where I feel good?

Where is my home?

I do not know.









Have I ?


I have to deal

with thousand things:

with broken wheel,

lost wedding-ring

and crying child

with angry man.

So for a while

I feel I can

survive that all...

But it is not

the way I call

"to make good shot".

Now I am sure -

it has to change!

Life will be pure

in narrow range

of worthless stuff.

Let my things lose

and man be rough -

I`m singing blues

and that`s enough.









Silent notes

of secret hopes

he plays on fortepiano


Lyric songs

both short and long

he plays so piano - piano


Prettiest sounds

forever found

he plays on grand piano


Deepest sense

of nice romance

he charms from old piano









Old photo


Old photo black and white,

from past world ray of light.

Unmasking dark of times,

forgotten unique lives.


Small masterpiece of art,

the play of light and dark.

A message from the past:

no thing will ever last.


And when I scan it right,

I see one misty sight

of people never known -

as if they were my own.









Swans are flying,

one is black.

Dreams are dying,

don`t come back.

Angels singing,

saints in pray,

devil stealing

souls away.

Head is turning,

mind in mess.

Pain is burning -

why? - you guess.






Thousand times


Flowers stand straight in vase.

Words stand straight in lines.

Sun shines straight in rays.

All seen thousand times...


Then flowers fade in vase.

Words start scratching mind.

Sunshine with raincloud plays.

All seen thousand times...



Night is soft and deep and dark.

Night is long, daytime is far.

Night hides your touch and word and breath.

Night keeps your secrets more or less.


Night covers love with velvet robe.

Night carries you to morning glow.

Night is a friend of man and beast.

Night is the best or good at least.






Words, only words -

many letters with sense.

Phrases make sentences,

mind needs defence.


Bubbles and bubbles -

not a single clear thought...

To avoid any troubles,

forget all you were taught.





Flowers through life


Early hours

with white flowers

in back yard...


Purple flowers

in night hours -

oh my God!


Golden roses

before dozing

beside bed...


Yellow blossom

so old-fashioned

on my head...


Cold ice flowers

in snow powder

winter gave...


Withered flower -

lost life power -

on my grave.











Unknown poet


Sky cries instead of me,

raindrops on face like tears.


Wind howls instead of me,

sad sound in heart and ears.


Night sleeps instead of me -

dark silence with all fears.


Pen writes instead of me

sad songs that no-one cares.


Songs live instead of me

and wait their time for years.











Million years ago

I was tyrannosaurus.

Thousands passed or so -

and I was born as taurus.

Then centuries passed by,

I changed, became a bird.

I rose up in the sky,

so high that wings got burned.

Now when I am a man,

the king of universe,

I do as well as can,

still life keeps getting worse.

But after fifty years

I know, I`ll be a plant -

rain moistens, sunlight cares

and happy days will start.

Then centuries go on,

I find myself in stone.

So many lives are gone,

I`m looking for my own.




Estonia,    Puise - Tartu,   sept. - dec. 2003